Up Style Hairstyle

Dot and Birdie are Brisbane’s Up Style Hairstyle Experts

Can we tell you a secret? Creating up styles is one of the most enjoyable and challenging parts of a hair-stylists’ jobs. Up styles can really be a work of art, and our team of passionate and dedicated hair stylists have nearly 20 years of experience in creation striking and unique up styles for our clients in the Brisbane area.

Whether you are wanting an up style for your wedding, special event or any glamorous occasion let the team at Dot & Birdie create a look that is truly you and turns heads.

How we create amazing up-styles or up-dos?

Assessing our canvas

Assessing our canvas

We have extensive experience in helping our clients with a wide range of hair colours, lengths and textures design an up style that will make them feel amazing. First our consultants will discuss your options specific to your hair and get a deeper understanding on the end look that you are trying to achieve.


One of the most important parts of achieving a flawless upstyle that is sure to last the entire event is to prepare the hair carefully before commencing any detailed work. We can prepare the lengths of your hair in many ways including blow-drying, straightening or set curling and use this as a base for the art to unfold.

prepare the hair
up-style expert


One of the most exciting part of any upstyle is the detail that goes into the final look. Our up-style experts can use a wide range of techniques to create drama and interest including intricate braiding techniques, weaving and the addition of hair pieces to create the elements of your upstyle that will get people talking. Depending on the style chosen this may also include the incorporation of embellishments such as jeweled combs, fresh flowers or any other addition that you would like to make the style truly unique.

Pinning and Setting

Once we have a solid foundation to work with, and have executed the creation of the detailed features, your stylist will commence with pinning and setting your up style to ensure that it is secure, will stand up to anything your party throws at it and gives you the comfort you need during the big day.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Depending on the look you prefer, our stylists will finish your up style by applying a range of high quality and nutrient rich finishing products such as hair sprays, styling pasts and shine pastes. This will help to not only ensure the style stays in place for as long as possible but will also help to accentuate the details in the up style design.

Keen to find out more?

We absolutely love doing up-styles, it might just be one of our favorite types of hairstyles to work on. If you are wanting to discuss your vision for your next up style, then we would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about any of our services or areas of expertise, then feel free to reach out to one of our friendly team members to start the conversation.