Men’s Grooming.

At Dot and Birdie we believe that there’s a lot of good things to be said for a man who keeps himself neat and tidy by men's grooming.

Mens Hair Cut

Hair Cuts

Complement your natural handsomeness by letting one of our professional men’s hair stylists maintain your current look or perhaps create a bold and defined new style that gets you noticed. Our range of styling options covers hair of all lengths. From a complete restyle and massaging shampoo treatment, to a no-nonsense short cut that requires minimal maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you’re looking to hold on to your natural colour for a little bit longer? One of our expert hair colourists can help match your original colour easily, so you can spend less time worrying about grey hairs and more time enjoying the good things that come with maturity.


When you’re in need of a bit of manscaping, you can trust our grooming specialists to have you looking your absolute best. You’re not alone if you’re one of the many men who find excess body hair unsightly and uncomfortable. We cover everything you could possibly need to get your facial hair under control, from eyebrow and beard sculpting to ear and nose hair trimming.

Our waxing specialists are also on hand for all your body hair removal needs. From nose waxing all the way down to leg waxing and everywhere in between, we’ll help you manage your body hair and achieve a beach bod that will turn heads anywhere you go.

Mens Grooming
Face and Nail Treatment

Face and Nail Treatment

Throw out that age old concept that spa treatments are just for the ladies, at Dot and Birdie we believe that everyone can benefit from some hard-earned relaxation. Let our spa specialists whisk you away to a land of rest and recuperation and re-energize your skin with a tailored facial that’s sure to make you look and feel years younger.

Did you know that cracked and broken finger and toenails can lead to all kinds of nasty infections if they aren’t properly cared for? Let us work away at them with one of our mani or pedi treatments and you’ll end up with nails that not only look better but feel better as well!

Pricing List


  • Restyle Cut with Massaging Shampoo

  • Express Cut/Trim with Hot Towel

  • Short Hair Clipper

  • Colour

  • Cut & Colour


Hands & Feet

  • Men’s Mani

    * Trim & Tidy Nails, Scrub & Clean Hands, Hot Towel, Hand & Forearm Massage
  • Men’s Pedi

    * Foot Soak, Nail Trim & Buff, Scrub & Clean Feet, Massage

Men’s Facial

  • Tailored Facial

    * Deep Clean, Facial Scrub, Extended Facial, Neck & Head Massage, Detox Mask & Skin Hydration. Just like a good suit – Perfect Fit!


  • Eyebrow Trim

  • Mono Brow Wax & Trim

  • Eyebrow Tint

  • Ear Trim

  • Ear Hair Wax

  • Beard Trim

  • Nose Trim

    *complimentary with beard trim
  • Nose Wax

  • Back Wax

  • Leg Wax


Grooming Services For Men

Total solution for your grooming needs. At Dot & Birdie, we do men's haircuts, beard styling, and face & Nail treatment.