Body Massage

A professional body massage does wonders for reducing stress, relieving tension, both physical and emotional, by eliminating the built-up negative effects of everyday pressures.

You will emerge from your treatment feeling completely relaxed, yet revitalised.
Massage pressure can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Pricing List

45 mins $65
60 mins $85
90 mins $120

  • Relaxation Full Body

    Had a bad week or maybe a month, just relax and let go – light to medium pressure.
  • Therapeutic Full Body

    Need knots kneaded out – medium to firm pressure.
  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage

    This treatment combine oil massage with hot stones. The massage loosens tight muscles, and the heat from the stones melts the tension away. (only 90min).
  • Hot Stone Back Massage

    Combining massage moves with our hands and warm stones this massage releases upper body tension & stress. Leaves you in a state of Zen. (45min)

Premium Body Massage

We offer a range of remedial massage treatments for all. Come and visit us today!