Your hairstyle is the absolute foundation for having great hair every single day, that’s why we work hard to create a sense of individuality in our styling practice.

For everyday occasions we offer the full range of hair up or hair down styling that ensures you’ll look great at any event, from a red-carpet night, to a glamorous lunch date with the girls.

styling - specialised hair stylist

Specialised Hair Stylist

Our team of passionate Hair Stylists at DOT & BIRDIE are dynamic and versatile, with the skills to create the most beautiful hair to suit you and your look.

Our stylists can provide you with everything from curls to beach waves and excel at adding volume to hair without needing to resort to the use of excessive hair styling products to achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Simply Feel the Most Beautiful Version of You

We offer every service you could possibly imagine and more!
From hair and beauty, to deep and relaxing spa sessions that leave you feeling perfect inside and out.